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10 Things that Keats Does During the COVID-19

Facing the second rise of Covid-19 and lockdown across the world, the most dramatic changes of human’s life, especially the change about how we learn, is undergoing. Keats School realised that changes and adjustments must be done quickly when the Covid-19 took hold here. How can we help others to continue learning and help ourselves to keep the school running as usual at the same time?

We have adopted a series of measures since the outbreak of the Covid-19 in 2020.

1. We pay close attention to the latest policy and rules of the International students’ visa application.

Due to the rapid growth of the infection rate throughout the world, the border of our country has been partially closed and only opened to the specific groups (not including tourists and international students) since then. This policy forces the potential Chinese learners to suspend or push off their immersive Mandarin learning plan.

We have answered thousands of inquiries on visa application and also paid close attention to the latest news and policy in this aspect so we can better explain the situation for our students and bring hopes to them. Besides, we’d like to encourage millions of potential Mandarin learner across the world and motivate them at the same time. There are always chance and channels for them to keep learning during this special time.

We strongly believe that the day will be arriving soon when people can travel to China for learning the Chinese language as usual.

2. Many students decided to study with Keats through online Chinese lesson

Since many countries have imposed a lockdown on movement and many schools have subsequently closed their doors, vast numbers of Mandarin learners have to adapt very quickly to learning with online resources. So do Keats School and the Keats teaching staffs.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Keats teachers have worked their best to develop virtual classrooms into a better state. Since founded in 2004, Keats School has already accumulated rich experience in online teaching. We have assisted thousands of Mandarin learners with their Chinese learning through this way, no matter you’re trying to improve your Chinese proficiency, preparing for HSK test, College Course or business communication, Keats Team can always meet your specific learning needs through the efficient online learning.

During this special year, Keats works hard on offering free trial lessons and demonstrating what is a good online lesson to potential learners.


3. Maintaining the proper running as much as we can

group chinese class

Keats school works its best to maintain the proper running of the school, so are its multiple practical language programs. All of the programs that demonstrated on our website are still open and available for registration. You are very welcome to join Keats Community and learn Chinese in China. Once the border reopens again and the Chinese Embassy can issue students visa again, we will be fully ready and thrilled to welcome our students back to Keats school!

4. Thoughtful after-service is delivered to ensure the rights of Keats Students

Lots of international students have to suspend their learning plan so we make our words to our students that their tuition fee and deposit of their Chinese learning program will be permanently preserved until they can travel to China again.

Unlike other private language schools in China, all of the properties of Keats School are self-owned properties, so there is no need to worry that Keats School will close and disappear, for it is impossible to happen. Keats School has determined to insist on keeping our business going on until things turning back to normal. The students who have paid their tuition fees or deposit can be relieved and you will not need to make up a price difference when you can travel to Keats School for learning again. The quotations of Keats language programs will be updated and increased when we can accept international students again.

Keats School is the most secure choice for Mandarin learners.

5. Practising proper disinfection measures

Keats School put our teaching members and students wellbeing in the first place. A series of proper disinfection measures have been conducted since the outbreak of Covid-19. For individual and very frequently used equipment, such as pencils and pens, we recommend that staffs and students have their own items that are not shared. Classroom-based resources, such as books and marker pens, should be cleaned regularly, along with all frequently touched surfaces.

6. Regular training and team building for Keats fellows

Even if there are much fewer students compared with past years, Keats School still pays attention to its team-building and sustain professional training on its teaching team. During this special time, all Keats teachers are maintaining their high-level of teaching skills through attending regular occupational training and study.

7. We developed various channels to share learning tips.

Keats School has mastered the trick of applying social media to share and spread its essence of Chinese learning skills and techniques. Focus on Pinyin and Chinese character, Keats School develop a series of videos to demonstrate the proper structure and writing order of each Chinese character. For letting students better apply patterns and grammar in daily life, Keats school also conducts a lot of videos that presenting the most authentic and commonly used expressions and phrases.

Even when you cannot come to Keats School, you can still learn with us!

Facebook: @keatschinese


YouTube: Keats Chinese School

WeChat Channel: Keats Chinese

8. Increasing the allowance of Keats staffs

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19, in order to ensure the income and interests of our teachers, we have increased the allowance for our teaching team, thus ensuring that the school’s high-quality teaching resources are not lost, and the quality of our language programs is guaranteed. Therefore, students studying at Keats School can continue to get the best language education and enjoy the highest quality teaching resources.

9. Keats Blog

Keats School continues updates its post on Keats Blog. We believe this is a very active and direct way of sharing content about Chinese language learning and also let Mandarin learners know more about how Keats School works and teaches.

On Keats Blog, we also post contents about how to improve your Chinese proficiency or how to make your learning more efficient. These contents are all essence from years of practical and professional accumulation. I’m sure you will be benefited lots by reading these contents.




10. Keats School is always here

In this special year, Keats School works its best to provide sustain professional supports for both our teaching team and our students. We try to guide our teachers to learn virus prevention knowledge and relevant disinfection measures. We also try to develop teachers’ skills to teach better remotely or more generally augmenting their capacity to support learners now learning more independently and at home, rather than at school. We develop and conduct a series of videos and online materials for our students to continue their learning by themselves at home.

We still firmly convinced that both Keats School and our students will get this through!



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