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The 5th Beijing International Seminar on Tibetan


The 5th Beijing International Seminar on Tibetan Studies ended in Beijing. The seminar attracted 267 scholars and experts on the Tibetan studies from 21 countries. The seminar was co-hosted by the Tibetan Studies Research Center of China, China Association of Tibetan Cultural protection and Development and Tibet Societal.

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Chinese and Foreign Culture Exhibition Week Would Open Up


It was reported that the second China-Eurasia Chinese and Foreign Culture Exhibition Week would open up on August 25th and end on September 7th in Urumqi Municipality. The theme of the exhibition centered on the art displaying to the audience and the culture exchange between China and foreign countries. The Chinese and Foreign Culture Exhibition Week was co-hosted by Culture Ministry, the government of Urumqi Municipality. 

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Brief Introduction of Cursive


When the foreign students learn Chinese in Yunnan in Keats School, they may like to learn some kind of Chinese calligraphy. There are many kinds of Chinese characters and they can be written in different kinds of styles of calligraphy. The different kinds of styles of calligraphy exist in different dynasties. Nowadays, people like to imitate the different styles of the Chinese calligraphy. Today we will introduce one kind of Chinese calligraphy. This kind of Chinese calligraphy is cursive.

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Musical Poem Sun Yat-Sen Abroad


The musical poem concert of Sun Yat-sen would present performance to the foreign countries, according to the information from the Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference of Guangdong. It was reported that the first show of the performance would be held in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. According to the introduction of the principals who were responsible of the activity, this year witnessed the 38th anniversary the diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia and the 112th anniversary that Sun Yat-sen set foot on the district in southeast Asia. The Revolution in year 1911 was led by Sun Yat-sen. foreign students who had ever the chance to learn Mandarin in China might know that the Revolution of 1911 was the Chinese bourgeois democratic revolution led by Dr. Sun Yat-sen which overthrew the Qing Dynasty.

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Modern Art Exhibition in Budapest


Modern Art Exhibition in Budapest Modern Art Exhibition in BudapestIt was reported that the opening ceremony of modern art exhibition of Chinese contemporary art was held in national art gallery in Budapest in Hungary. Many visitors took a view of the excellent art works during the exhibition. The theme of the exhibition was the opening up and blending of the Chinese excellent works. 

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Brief Introduction of Court Verse


The court verse refers to the poems which was popular in the late period of South Dynasty. The name of the court verse came from the comments of Xiao Gang. According to the description of some ancient records, the court verse was created a kind of poems by Xu Li. This kind of poem was carried by Xiao Gang into the palace. 

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Chinese Historical and Cultural Streets Exhibition in Paris


The Chinese Historical and Cultural Streets Exhibition would be held in Chinese culture Center in Paris, France. The exhibition was organized by the Chinese Historical and Cultural Streets Evaluation Activity Committee and would be displayed for ten days from Oct. 23rd to Nov. 1st. The exhibition was approved by the Chinese culture Ministry. 

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Vision China in Edinburgh


The opening ceremony of the Vision China in Europe was held in Edinburgh in England. The event was organized by the Magazine Agency of the Chinese culture Media Corporation. The event was also the platform to present the paintings and art works of China to the foreign friends. The show exhibited the representative works from 12 excellent artists of China.

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Introduction of Colors of Clothes along the History


The color of clothes is an indicator of some particular things in particular culture. Its meaning differs according to different places and times. For example, the students taking volunteer programs in China may know that the color white implies funeral in China while purity in Japan.

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Tragedy the Orphan of Zhao vs Chinese Orphan


The Orphan of Zhao was created by poetic drama writer Ji Junxiang in Yuan Dynasty while the Chinese Orphan was recomposed by French scholar Voltaire based on the edition of Ji Junxiang. The story of Orphan of Zhao described the event happening in Jin in the Spring and Autumn Period.

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