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Learn Chinese Online

Teaching materials we use at Keats School are:

1. Essential Chinese written by an experienced Keats teacher and published by Yunnan Nationalities Press.
2. Chinese 301 Sentences published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press.
3. New Practical Chinese Reader published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press.
4. Boya Chinese published by Peking University Press.
5. Teaching Materials prepared by Keats teaching research group.

For online Chinese lessons, you can use either the teaching materials used at Keats School now or your own designated materials. If you use the teaching materials of Keats School, we will provide the electronic version for free. The teaching materials prepared by Keats teachers are written according to the outline of the International Curriculum for Chinese Language Education. 

Regular Online Courses:

Step-by-step Mandarin Course

If you are unable to come to China, but want to learn Chinese with a professional Chinese teacher and achieve learning results as learning Chinese in China, the Step-by-step Mandarin Course is a great option for you. The Step-by-step Mandarin courses are designed based on your level, learning pace, and style. We will design a personalized and professional study plan for you according to your learning goals and studying requirements. You can choose any level which is suitable for you. 

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Business Chinese

To meet your practical communication needs and keep you abreast of the real Chinese business world, we will not only focus on oral and written Chinese language skills but also focus on business etiquette, protocol and business customs for doing business in China. We will develop personalized teaching materials according to your level of Chinese and learning goals.

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Survival Chinese

If you plan to travel in China or live in China but have not learned Chinese before, the Survival Chinese Course is for you. You will learn the most useful topics such as introduction, date and time, restaurant, hotel, transportation, weather and hospital.

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1-hour Chinese Grammar and Culture

There are 40 topics about Chinese grammar points and Chinese culture for you to choose. All these lessons are 1 hour. You are very welcome to choose any topic that is interesting to you.

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Children Chinese Course

Keats Chinese School has teachers who are good at and experienced in teaching children Chinese. The teachers will employ various interesting teaching methods, such as playing games, using flashcard, customized exercise for each child’s interest. Children Chinese course offered by Keats will not only help children learn Chinese with lots of fun, but also help children develop deep interest in Chinese language and Chinese culture.

Teen Chinese Course

We can develop a customized Chinese learning curriculum based on your needs, such as:

  • Prepare for a test in Chinese
  • Prepare for a speech in Chinese
  • Need help with your Chinese homework at school
  • Whatever you want to improve in Chinese


HSK Online Courses:

HSK Online Course

All the teachers in the HSK online course are carefully selected and have rich experience in helping students with the HSK preparation. You will learn the latest and the most useful testing techniques created by the HSK researchers. We will create personal study plans for you. Professional teachers will design the HSK course materials and track your progress according to your previous Mandarin Chinese level, to make sure that you get the most value for the time you study with Keats.

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Consider These Things Before Moving Abroad to Study

So, you’ve made up your mind. You’re traveling to China to study Mandarin, but there are a lot of things to consider before getting on that airplane.

To answer the travel questions you have, download our FREE Consider This Checklist. This printable infographic fills you in on everything to think about before moving to China.

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