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Deep Fried Tofu with Vegetables

Deep Fried Tofu with Vegetables

Materials: fresh Tofu, Chinese cabbages, carrot, ginger, spicy sauce, soy bean sauce, sugar, starch and sugar


1. Cut fresh Tofu into cubes. Slice carrot and ginger.

2. Deep fry Tofu in hot oil. Take them out.

3. Fry ginger with water, spicy sauce, sugar and soy bean sauce.

4. Put Chinese cabbages and carrot in.

5. Put deep fried Tofu in and fry together.

6. Add starch and mix together. 


Deep Fry Mushrooms

Deep Fry Mushrooms

Materials: mushrooms, Chinese peppers, dry chili, garlic, soy bean sauce.


1. Shred mushrooms. Smash garlic and cut dry chili into small pieces.

2. Deep fry mushrooms.

3. Fry dry chili and Chinese peppers.

4. Put mushrooms in and fry together.

5. Add soy bean sauce and fry with mushrooms.


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