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Learn chinese language in yunnan | Keats Education - Learn Chinese with Keats!

Learn chinese language in yunnan

Jiu Xiang


Took a regular taxi to the East Bus Station (15 to 20 RMB)

l Rode a bus to Yi Liang (宜良) city (17 to 20 RMB per person)

l Had lunch at the famous Xue Cheng Fan Dian (学成饭店) in Yi Liang city. The restaurant was famous for duck dishes.


Jiu Xiang Caves

l From Yi Liang to Jiu Xiang, we took a private min-van (10 – 20 RMB per person)

l Took a fancy elevator down to the river level and then got on a boat which takes you up the river a bit.

l Entered the caves and it is quite a hike before you reach the end of visit.

l When you leave the cave, you have the choice to walk, or pay to take a cable car or ride a horse back to the main entrance area.


Bus back to Kunming


Pretty cool trip. There are some nice waterfalls in the cave that were fun to see!

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