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Learn chinese language in yunnan | Keats Education - Learn Chinese with Keats!

Learn chinese language in yunnan

6 Reasons to Learn Chinese in Yunnan



Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province, is famously known as the “Spring City”, due to the fact that every season is like Spring. Wherever you come from, you'll be able to appreciate the mild climate here. Compared to other cities in China, Kunming is one of the most liveable cities due to its great weather. It is neither too cold in the winter, nor too hot in the summer. If you are tired of the coldness in Beijing in the winter, come to learn Chinese in Yunnan to spend your winter and you will love it.


Thinking of Beijing or Harbin in China unfortunately brings to mind images of masked-faces in thick grey smog. For most people, this rules out the idea of living in big cities in China for any extended period of time. Fortunately for Kunming, this is really not an issue. For a capital city of Yunnan Province, Kunming experiences some of the lowest levels of air pollution in China. Clear blue skies with fluffy white clouds make everyday’s life in Kunming – picture warm days with bright, sunny clear skies.


Kunming in Yunnan manages to be one of the most affordable cities to live in, covering everything from food to apartments. Plenty of areas suited to foreigners at a fraction of the price you would pay in Beijing/Shanghai, while still allowing you to experience the real China. If you have a tight budget, Kunming in Yunnan is perfect for you.


If you have scoured the internet forums in preparation for moving to China for Mandarin Chinese language study, you've probably come across Keats Chinese School in Kunming, Yunnan, which is highly recommended by anyone who has experienced studying Mandarin. The tuition fee for small group Chinese classes is as low as 4000 yuan per semester (16 weeks). At Keats, classes are very focused on giving students good results, unlike the many cash-cow courses that exist in China. Class sizes have a max limit of 15 people. This means Keats Chinese teachers can hone their material and focus more individually with students, while the students don't need to compete to participate. Low prices, smooth visa process and relaxed class environment make for an unbeatable combination. If you want to learn Chinese in Yunnan, welcome to Keats.



Despite the modern cultural traits, Kunming in Yunnan manages to retain the traditional Chinese culture making a very interesting and fun blend. Yunnan is the host to almost half of the Chinese ethnic minorities, meaning there is an endless diversity of culture with a rich history – good news for food lovers. China has 56 minority groups and Yunnan is the home for 26 minority groups.


Being situated in Yunnan Province, Kunming contains not only some excellent local travel locations such as Dali, Shangrila, Lijiang and Xishuangbanna, but also forms the border of South East Asia. Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Kunming is also famous for its amazing natural wonderlands. Surrounded by a great number of beautiful destinations, Kunming, as a tourist city, stands out from other cities in China. If you learn Chinese in Yunnan, you will have the opportunity to explore the amazing landscapes in Yunnan, which are unique and breathtaking. Friendly and laid back local people, study opportunities, health and budget are all catered for if Kunming in Yunnan is your choice. If you have not made up your mind where to study in China, Kunming in Yunnan should come up to the top of your list. Come to Kunming and find out first hand why it is really unlike any other cities in China.

Hot Destinations in Yunnan

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