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Vision China in Edinburgh


The opening ceremony of the Vision China in Europe was held in Edinburgh in England. The event was organized by the Magazine Agency of the Chinese culture Media Corporation. The event was also the platform to present the paintings and art works of China to the foreign friends. The show exhibited the representative works from 12 excellent artists of China. This was the third time that the project of Visit on China by the Magazine Agency of the Chinese culture Media Corporation held exhibition. The exhibition received praise from the officers and the public of Edinburgh of England. Those who had taken online Chinese Lessons in China said the exhibition helped them to know more about the Chinese art culture.

The art exhibition of Chinese paintings was held during the period of the London Olympic Games and the popularity results were reaching the best for the influence of the Olympic Games. During the art exhibition during the London Olympic Games, the art exhibition built a platform in which the Chinese culture and English culture exchanged and communicated with each other. For centuries, Chinese people and English people had been in close communication with each other. Many English people went to Chinese school in China and many Chinese also went out for further education.

President of the learning association of Edinburgh in England spoke highly of the art exhibition and he said that the exhibition recommended Chinese artists to take part in the exchange and communication between China and England. The exhibition presented the initiatives of the cultural exchange between the two countries. It was no doubt that the event was a new chapter in the art culture between China and England. The art agencies from America, France and other places expressed that they would invite the event of Vision China to districts in Europe and America to communicate more and display more art works to the foreign people.

President of Beijing Art and Culture Corporation who supported the art exhibition said to the reporters that the art works of China on the exhibition brought much richer Chinese art forms to Edinburgh and it also made Edinburgh the platform where the Chinese paintings could be displayed in areas in Europe. The principal of the organizer of the exhibition said that China would arrange more activities to the world to make the Chinese paintings go to the whole world.


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