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Modern Art Exhibition in Budapest


It was reported that the opening ceremony of modern art exhibition of Chinese contemporary art was held in national art gallery in Budapest in Hungary. Many visitors took a view of the excellent art works during the exhibition. The theme of the exhibition was the opening up and blending of the Chinese excellent works. Many foreign students who had been to study Mandarin in China went thee gallery to have a view of the wonderful works by the Chinese artists.

The modern art exhibition displayed 120 pieces of representative Chinese paintings, oil paintings, wood blocks and sculptures from the 30 years from the reform and opening up of China. There were 125 artists whose works were displayed in the exhibition and they were all renowned all over the country. Theirs works represented the current development situation of the modern Chinese artists as well as the highest level of the contemporary Chinese art. It was the first time that so many Chinese works of art had been on display in Europe and the exhibition scale was the biggest in history. Many foreign friends who had ever been in the volunteer programs in China said the exhibition was of great artistic value and it was worth taking part in the exhibition.

The secretary of the national affairs who was responsible for the human resources in Hungary made a speech in the opening ceremony of the art exhibition. For hundreds of years, the painting circles of Chinese art and European art were in the different paths. The styles of Chinese art and European art witnessed great change and development. Many Europeans spoke highly of the Chinese paintings in the course of the development of Chinese art. Thee secretary said the Chinese art met the real turning point in the process of the opening up and reform. The constraint to the Chinese art disappeared and the artists could have experimental creation.

Vice curator of the National Art Museum of China said the successful displaying of the art exhibition in Hungary last year presented the development of contemporary art exhibition of Hungary to the Chinese visitors. The art exhibition of contemporary Chinese art aimed at presenting the colorful culture features to the people in Hungary. He believed that the exhibition would boost the cultural exchange and communication between China and Hungary.

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