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The 5th Beijing International Seminar on Tibetan


The 5th Beijing International Seminar on Tibetan Studies ended in Beijing. The seminar attracted 267 scholars and experts on the Tibetan studies from 21 countries. The seminar was co-hosted by the Tibetan Studies Research Center of China, China Association of Tibetan Cultural protection and Development and Tibet Societal and Scientific Institute. The theme of the conference was the Tibetan societal change and the development trend of the international Tibetan studies. The seminar received 238 thesis overall. All scholars who had taken Mandarin language courses in China and conducted research on the Tibetan culture exchanged with the experts on the topic.

It was reported that the seminar was conducted with the form of exchange opinions and the ways of special subjects on the Tibetan studies. The main focuses of the seminar subjects were sustainable development and guarantee of people’s livelihood, history, documentary, art and archeology, religion, Sanskrit, Indian classical logic, modern politics, Tibetan medicine, culture, language and technology.

During the discussion of the seminar, many scholars and experts had issued individual the latest academic research results. The works by the scholars and experts not only included traditional Tibetan researches of coherent logic but also had practical suggestions and solutions to the current problems confronted with Tibet. As many foreign students who happened to study Mandarin in China knew, the development of Tibet became the concern of the whole nation. The cultural development and the economic progress were the main focus of the Tibetan research. During the discussion on the hot issues of the seminar, the scholars and experts held the principles of rigorous and precise pursuit of study as well as pragmatic academic spirit, which practiced the concept of inheriting culture and serving the society.

The 5th Beijing International Seminar on Tibetan Studies was an academic event in the Tibetan studies circle. The successful holding of the seminar symbolized that there were solid foundation and huge cooperation space of the Tibetan studies to the intentional exchange and cooperation. Zheng Dui, the vice president of the Tibetan Studies Research Center of China, expressed the idea on the closing ceremony that Beijing Tibetan Studies aimed at creating a platform for internationally-leading scholars and experts where they could discuss and present the latest academic results to each other.

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