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A Beautiful Chinese Song
Ballet Dance
Playing Chinese Games
Grab the Chairs
Explore Yunnan Countryside Food
Beautiful Song by Keats Teachers
Guess the Word by Movement
Christmas Party
Karaoke TV
Group Dinner with Teachers
Group Dinner with Teachers
Barbecue at Dianchi Lake
Kungfu Performance
Violin Performance
Birthday Party
Group Dinner with Teachers
Learn Chinese Taiji
Visit the Minority Museum
Play a Chinese Game
Tianmimi by Keats Students
Speech in Chinese
Group Dinner with Teachers
Learn Sign Language
Group Singing
Speech in Chinese Given by a Keats Student
Group Dance
Dinner at Dai Flavor Restaurant
Doing Exercises
Group Dinner with Teachers
Guess the Word by Movement
Visit the Minority Village
Buffet Dinner with Teachers
Group Dinner with Teachers
Grab the Chairs
Song by Keats Teachers
Comedy Show
1, 2, 3, Wooden Man
Group Dinner with Teachers
Guitar and Singing
Speech in Chinese
Group Dinner with Teachers
Group Dinner with Teachers
2013 Christmas Dinner
Best Wishes for 2014
A Toast to the New Year
Merry Christmas
On the Way to Group Dinner
2013 Group Dinner
Lots of Beer
Toast to the Spring Festival
Celebrate the Spring Festival
Group Dinner for the Spring Festival
Museum Introduction
Slogan of Our Teams
Finding Answers
Complete the Task
Winners of the Game
Get Our Trip Started
Playing Games and Song from Keats Teacher
Tongue Twister by Keats Teachers
Award Ceremony
1st Prize Winner of the Tongue Twister Tournament
Tongue Twister Tournament and Judge Introduction
Wow, Tongue Twister Tournament Started!
On the Way to KTV
Sing a Song That You Like
Protect Your Balloons
The Beauty of My Hometown
Teachers' Performance - Minority Dancing
Cultural Festival Interview
2014 International Cultural Festival of Keats School
Original Song by Keats Student - The Beautiful Keats School
Getting Started for an Exciting Trip
Walking Around in the Park
Kite Running
Having Rice Noodles
Taking Pictures
Taking an Interview in Chinese

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