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Direct Flight From Paris to Kunming


Enric excitedly told his teacher when the small group class finished last week that he would go back to his home country to celebrate Christmas with his family. What made him the most excited was that he would take a direct flight from Kunming to Paris. The flight only takes 12 hours to fly from Kunming to Paris. This would save both money and time for students from Europe. Enric told us that there are flights available on every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. The flight number is MU 773/4 and the type of the aircraft is Airbus A33E, which is very comfortable.

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Beer Made by Keats Student


To the students in the small group classes, learning Chinese at Keats is not only an efficient way to improve Chinese quickly, but also a great way to socialize with other students. From not knowing each other to becoming friends only takes one semester’s time. Many students reserved precious memories after studying Mandarin at Keats.

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Keats Student Attending the Tea Ceremony


Experiencing China and Chinese culture is every foreign student’s goal when they learn Chinese in China . Keats School has been dedicated to creating various opportunities for our students to feel the real China. In the past, we have taken our students to try the Chinese style massage and Chinese acupuncture, to learn Chinese chess, to play the musical instrument Erhu and to watch Chinese movies. Many students told us that all these wonderful Chinese cultural activities made their trip to China unforgettable.

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How to Apply for a Student Visa? How to Change Your Visa?


As the visa policy changes in the recent years, many students have encountered trouble in getting a new visa or changing a visa. Some students who learn Chinese in China  in Kunming do not know how to apply and how to prepare their visa application materials. Some students who want to study Chinese after working in China for a few years do not know how to change their working visa into a student visa. Some students who miss the best time to change a visa have to leave China and re-enter with a new visa.

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Gao Tianrui’s Story – Studying Chinese at Keats


Gao Tiantui is a foreign student, who is now learning Chinese in China at Keats’ Elementary Class 2. This is Tianrui’s third semester at Keats. From an absolute beginner to HSK 4 speaker, it took Tianrui only a few semesters at Keats to achieve. Her progress was largely attributed to the professional Chinese teaching at Keats and her efforts and strong determination.

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