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Chinese Cultural Lesson at Keats – Er Hu


Chinese musical instrument has been very popular among foreign students. Previous students have studied the Hulusi, which is an easy musical instrument of Dai minority. We also have had some students who were very interested in learning the Er Hu. You might be worried about its difficulty and whether you will have sufficient time to practice while you learn Chinese in China at Keats. One Australian girl Paige chose the Er Hu program.

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Outdoor Lesson – Watch a Movie


There are many ways to learn Chinese. In addition to the textbooks, watching movies, listening to music, listening to broadcast, and using mobile apps can also be efficient ways to learn Mandarin Chinese. In 2004 when Keats School was established, we incorporated diverse teaching methods to help the students learn Chinese fast and efficiently.

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A Popular Mobile App – WeChat


Last Friday night, some one-on-one students had a daytrip within the Kunming city. When they encountered a minor problem and tried to contact Keats staff, none of them had a valid SIM card to make a local call. One of the students came up with an idea – contacting Keats staff using his mobile app, which is WeChat. Then they finally made their way to contact Joy of Keats School.

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Let’s Feed the Seagulls


There are many places in Kunming that attract tourists from all over the world. Kunming also attracts a group of special guests – seagulls each year, because Kunming is richly endowed by nature and climate. Around 30 years ago, the first group of seagulls from Siberia flew to Kunming in winter and found Kunming to be such a warm place and thus they were reluctant to leave. Since then, seagulls from Siberia spend their winter in Kunming every November. Admiring the seagulls and feeding them have become a kind of welfare to many Kunmingnese.

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Chinese Calligraphy Lesson at Keats


At Keats, we provide various Chinese cultural lessons such as Tai Chi and Chinese cooking. Chinese calligraphy is one of the most popular Chinese cultural lessons at Keats. No matter which country the students come from and how old they are, our students are always attracted by the magic strokes of Chinese calligraphy. Many students choose this program because the Chinese calligraphy is not that hard as many students imagine. All students in this program can take satisfied works back home when they complete the calligraphy lessons.

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