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Preparation for Small Group Classes


The first semester in 2015 has ended, and small group class teachers are using the time after the semester has ended to summarize what they have taught and go over any methods or materials that proved especially effective or ineffective. In summary, for the start of the 2015 fall semester, the school has already done a lot of preparation.

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Places to go During the Weekend – Stone Forest


As the four seasons in Kunming are all like spring, many tourists are attracted here. On top of that, there are many unique scenic spots that are must see places for tourists. We recommend that all students who are studying Chinese at Keats use the weekend to go see the Stone Forest. We are certain that this unique scenery will leave a lasting impression on everyone who goes.

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2015 Keats Culture Festival


Keats has successfully had our 2015 Culture Festival, which has been something our teachers and students who study Chinese at Keats school have been looking forward to for a long time.

On the way to the festival, our students all excitedly listened to Joy introduce what activities the day would included, as well as the background and history of Dianchi Wetland Park, as the all waited to be able to see what it really looked like.

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Learning to Play Mahjong


Recently, there are a lot of students studying Chinese at Keats, some of who are higher level students, and many of which have studied at Keats before.  We always welcome new students to our school, and thank the students who choose to study here multiple times.

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Welcoming returning students to Keats School


During the summer, Keats is always a very active place, because there are many young students who use their summer vacations to come to Keats and improve their Chinese; many parents also come with their children to study Chinese.  It makes us very happy that many previous students have decided to return this year.

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