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Study Chinese with Family in Keats School


Dabbs Family is one of among many families who learn Chinese in China with the entire family members. With the flexible arrangements for the family students, they can study and live in china without problems.

Q:Why do you want to come to China with your family?

We love Asia! Lionel worked in Asia before and we made many friends and got many helps from them. And one of our friends was from Kunming and he introduced many good things about Kunming so we decided to come to Kunming.

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Keats’s Reference Materials


From January 2015, Keats will start issuing their own publication—Keats’ Reference which is a good resource of Chinese learning and Chinese teaching, and have already published seven issues at this time. Although this publication is relatively new, it has ready had positive reviews from students and teachers.

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The Student who Studied Classical Chinese


Classical Chinese is the form of written Chinese that was based off of Ancient Chinese. Classical Chinese is difficult for many Chinese when they learn Chinese, much less foreigners. However, this summer, a young American student named Daniel, with a particularly “traditional” Chinese name - Xunyuan Liu, came to our school. His Chinese was already very good, as he was an advanced student, and although our school’s intermediate and advanced students are increasing, he was special, in that he was interested in Classical Chinese.

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Chilren Chinese Program


Summer vacation is always one of the busiest times of the year at Keats. During this happy time, we always welcome a lot of cute, energetic children! The parents of these kids choose Chinese or Chinese for children classes for the, and relying on our depth of experience, they will not only be more interested in learning Chinese, but can also have a fun, happy summer vacation!

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One of Keats’s Great Teachers—Cuizhi Luo


Cuizhi Luo graduated from Yunnan Normal University in 2014, with a major in Teaching Chinese.  Because she loves teaching Chinese, after graduating she has worked at Keats the whole time.

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