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Badminton Workout at Keats


In order to help students socialize with teachers and get used to the local culture, we arranged a group dinner on Friday night and a badminton workout afterwards.

At 5:30pm, the students and Keats teachers gathered together at Keats cafeteria. We enjoyed a wonderful buffet meal at the school and it was definitely a great opportunity to practice Mandarin Chinese with the teachers. Students started to chat with their teachers using the Chinese they learned in class.

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Ongoing Teachers’ Training at Keats School


In order to help the teachers improve their teaching ability, Keats School arranges group ongoing trainings every two weeks although Keats teachers are already experienced and have received professional training before officially starting to teach students. During the trainings, we will introduce new teaching methods that are developed by the Chinese Teaching Research Group at Keats and have been proved to be useful. At the same time, the teachers will share their own teaching experience.

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Traditional Chinese Musical Instrument Performance


Last week, we were so honored to have the famous Chinese flute artist Mrs. Jing Tian to give performance to Keats students. Our students were very looking forward to such a musical feast because the artist is very famous in Yunnan.


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Chinese Spring Festival 2016 at Keats


Last Friday, we invited some Keats students to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival together – we made tons of dumplings that we couldn’t finish at all. Around 10 days before the Spring Festival arrived, Keats staff have started to decorate the school as what we did in the past. Students can feel the Spring Festival at every corner at Keats. You could see the “福” on the doors and windows. This spring festival was a little bit different because Keats had eight new friends: 7 fish and 1 dog. We understood how excited they were for the Spring Festival.


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The Third Annual Rugby Tournament Held in Kunming


December 12, 2015, the Kunming Rugby Football Club (KRFC) held their third annual rugby tournament at Yunnan Tourism Vocational College in Kunming. The tournament was composed of men's and women's games. The teams for the tournament were from Kunming, Chengdu, and Chongqing. Keats School, as one of the sponsors, distributed our free gifts to the team members. To our excitement, the Flying Tigers from Kunming were brimming with confidence after two straight wins in the tournament due to their excellent skills and powerful teamwork.

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