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Paper Cutting – A Great Way to Learn Chinese Culture


Paper cutting is an art of cutting paper designs. Although the art has evolved throughout the world, paper cutting in China has its unique designs and culture. You must wonder how Chinese people can cut a dragon on paper just as lively as a painting. Many Keats students also showed great interest in learning Chinese paper cutting. Therefore, we have arranged a cultural activity to teach our students this amazing art. On Sunday afternoon, students and teachers arrived on time. We invited one of Keats teachers Ms. Zhao who is knowledgeable about Chinese paper cutting.

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Keats BBQ Big Event Successfully Held


The big event "Keats BBQ" was successfully held last Friday on May 13th. Before we started the BBQ, we hiked the mountain with beautiful scenery. Keats students and teachers enjoyed the BBQ very much. For the BBQ, we have prepared a great variety of food for students to cook by themselves. We are grateful that many students joined this activitiy and we had a great time staying together. Let's take a look at the wonderful moments we captured during the event. This summer, Keats School will welcome a great number of stuents from all over the world.

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A Trip to the Bird and Flower Market


In order to help our students further experience the local Yunnan handicrafts and specials, we organized a trip to the Bird and Flower Market last weekend.

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