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Upgraded Teaching System for Intermediate/Advanced Students Officially Launched


After half a year’s professional research and experienced design, we are very happy to announce that Keats School’s upgraded teaching system for Intermediate/Advanced Students was officially launched this week.

This year, 2014, is Keats School’s 10thanniversary since the school started in 2004. From our 10 years of teaching experience, we found that intermediate/advanced students will encounter three situations when they learn Chinese in China. One situation is the bottleneck period when the students can only say the words that they use frequently to express themselves although they speak Chinese fluently and have excellent listening skills. However, the words and the sentences they can express are very limited. Another situation is that the students can master new words very well with the reading skills improved gradually, but don’t know how to speak appropriate Chinese when asked to make conversations. The third situation is that the students make mistakes when using advanced words. The reason that causes this is largely due to the unclear explanation on the textbooks or lack of practice in using the words in appropriate sentences or situations.

Keats teachers find that it would be very hard to overcome the problems stated above without a comprehensive and effective teaching system. Therefore, we started a research last year based on our 10 years of teaching experience, in order to create a more efficient teaching system for our intermediate and advanced students. The entire system includes: memorize important words and usage in easy ways, study difficult grammar points through our magic sentences, and improve reading skills through our customized Chinese text written by Keats teachers. If an intermediate or advanced student studies Mandarin Chinese with this newly upgraded system, he/she can not only master a large amount of Chinese words in a very short time to express himself/herself more appropriately, but also make a solid foundation for self-studies after going back home.

After years of research and accumulation, we have now achieved tremendous success in implementing the upgraded teaching system in our daily teaching work. Many students showed great satisfaction to the system. One student from England, has studied Chinese for almost 4 years, but needed a long time to think before speaking out the word. Although he had no problems in reading Chinese articles at all, but his speaking always made people feel hard to understand him. Therefore, he urgently needed to improve his speaking skills. Once after he arrived at Keats, Keats teachers gave him a comprehensive test and used our upgraded teaching system for advanced students in his Chinese lessons. The student was very surprised at his rapid progress after 3 days and told us that he had never imagined that he could make such great progress in a very short time. Now he can talk to his teacher freely and truly enjoy the benefit from our unique teaching system. We believe that after 4 weeks’ study at Keats, the student will be very happy about his progress made at Keats.

Now the upgraded teaching system for intermediate/advanced students has officially launched. We are looking forward to helping more students achieve their learning goals within limited available time and budget. If you are at the intermediate or advanced level of Chinese and want to improve your Chinese as soon as possible, please check out our Intensive Chinese Language Program


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