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A Successful Task Activity


At Keats, we not only teach Chinese. Besides learning Chinese in China at Keats, you will also have a chance to meet new friends from all over the world. You will study Chinese with them and enjoy wonderful times in China. We organized an interesting group activity last week for the students who are studying Chinese at Keats. Offering various fun activities for students to learn Chinese effectively and collaboratively makes Keats stand out from other schools as Keats School no longer serves only as a Chinese language school, but also a community filled with happiness and friendship.

The Task Competition was held in Kunming Museum, in order to help our students experience the local culture and history of Yunnan. There are five distinctive sections within the museum: Bronze Section, Flying Tigers, Old Pictures of China, Extension Section and Kunming Section.

The students were randomly divided into seven groups and one teacher was assigned to each group as the group leader. Their arms were marked by one type of animal. Their group was named as that animal’s name. Each group needed to create their own slogan and strategy to win. With one shout “START”, each group ran into the museum and started to complete the task. Keats management team set tasks in each section at the museum, and the students needed read the task carefully and complete the task in each designated section. The tasks included finding answers, taking pictures, finding statistics, and find Chinese characters. The students needed to complete the tasks within required minimum time. The group leader and the students collaborated to complete each task while the task was divided for each member to be completed in some groups. After they completed the tasks in one section, they needed to report to the control platform to move on to the next section. After one hour and a half, the group “Lion” first completed all the tasks in all sections. However, there were a few mistakes in their findings and they lost the first prize unfortunately. The group “Tiger” got all the findings right and used the least time complete the task. All the members in the group “Tiger” were very excited.

Lastly, all the groups received their prizes according to the ranking. They congratulated each other and brought home lots of prizes. Many students expressed that they had never taken such interesting and impressive activity in China. The most important is that they met new friends and learned many words while completing the tasks. Of course, they also had a great chance to learn about Kunming culture and Yunnan culture. Some students told us that they were very looking forward to our next group activity. Keats School Event Planning Team is now working on our annual cultural festival, which will be held next month. We can’t wait for another great activity and lots of fun.

Doug Family, USA
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