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Keats Teachers' Vacation Weekend


July 19, 2010, there were 3 eye-catching foreigners in the water park of the Fu Bao culture city, they are Keats school students. They were here on vacation this weekend, and they came with the Keats School teachers. The holiday tour was organized by Keats school to enable the teachers to enjoy a free weekend, and also allow the teachers and students to have further communication, and helping them learn more about the outdoors. After a busy week, Keats school teachers took the time to enjoy the fresh air and had fun. At the water park where they could enjoy the slide, swimming; the Yi Torch Festival at the pier; as well as enjoy the food on the lake and the wonderful performances on water.

Fu Bao cultural city is located in the one of the ten most popular villages in China. Fu Bao village is a popular tourist and cultural enterprise in Yunnan province, rich in the beautiful scenery, pleasant climate and convenient transportation. It is so unique that it awarded the "World of Diogenes," --- for its indoor hot spring water park and a large performance and the daily ethnic food culture show in the indoor water theater, "Fu Tian Bao Di". It is the most unique tourist resort and scenic attraction in southern China.

Fubao two-day trip not only allowed teachers to relax, but also let them enjoy a cool climate in the heat of the summer, and strengthening them for the week ahead.


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