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Cola Chicken Wings Made by Keats’ Student


Cola Chicken Wings is one of popular dishes among young Chinese people in recent years. It’s said that Coca-Chicken in foreign countries was introduced into China long time ago. A cook poured cola in the dish by accident then he found out the dish was more delicious than before. The Cola Chicken Wings was born since then.

However, there are more than 20 methods to make this dish. Many Chinese people have not tried to cook it or tasted it yet. To our surprise, this week, a student from England cooked this dish for us.

Campbell was a cook before and now he is learning Chinese in China at Keats School. He can cook Chinese food, Thailand food, and much more. He bought all materials such as chicken wings, cola, soy bean sauce, etc. It took three hours to prepare this dish at home. On Monday he brought this dish to his classmates at Keats and shared the wonderful food with other teachers and students.

Three teachers of one-on-one Chinese program have not tried this dish before and they said the chicken wings were so different from the regular chicken wings. They were so surprised that western cola and chicken wings could become such delicious dish. Many students also showed great likeness to this dish. Some of them asked Campbell to teach them how to prepare this dish. Campbell shared his secret recipe with the students and teachers. It became a must-try dish to enjoy a leisure weekend.

Keats School’ students who come to learn Chinese in Kunming are from all over world. They like to share their hometown cuisines with us, so we have many opportunities to try all delicious foods around the world. Keats School is not only a place you can learn Chinese, also a place to meet more friends.



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