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Can I use my credit card in Kunming while shopping?

Most stores in Kunming do not accept foreign credit card payment. It would be better if you pay cash when you buy things in China.


Can I drink tap water when I learn Chinese in China at Keats?

In China, we do not drink tap water. In each dorm room, we provide water dispenser with drinking water.


What can I do during the weekends?

The school organized cultural activities every two weeks. The activities include daytrips, group dinner, KTV, playing Chinese games, watching Chinese movies, etc. Students can also travel to Dali and Lijiang by bus or train during the weekends. It takes about 2 to 3 days to visit those places. You can skip your Friday class and leave on Thursday night. After you come back, you can schedule a time with the school to have a make-up lesson.


What do the Chinese language learning students do during their spare time?

Some students stay in their rooms or the library doing their homework; some students go out to explore the city; some students do their volunteer work if they sign up for the Volunteer in China program; and some students do internship work if they sign up for the Internship in China program.

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