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I’m a vegetarian. Will Keats School’s chief accommodate to my needs?

Yes, we provide 8 to 10 dishes each meal for our students. Among the dishes we provide are cooked for vegetarians.


Can I continue using my own Chinese textbooks that I have been using here at home?

Yes, please bring your textbooks to Keats School and prepare a copy/book for your teacher when you arrive so that your teacher can prepare the lessons according to your level and your learning goals.


What textbooks do you use at Keats School?

We use “New Practical Chinese Reader”, “Boya Chinese” and “Speed-up Chinese” at Keats School depending on students’ levels.


I am a beginner and I want to learn to speak Chinese well as soon as possible. How long do you think I will achieve my goal?

If you are a beginner and have not studied Chinese before, a minimum of 12 weeks‘ Chinese language study at Keats School will help you master the basic understanding of Mandarin and basic conversations, such as booking hotel rooms, making Chinese friends, ordering food in restaurants, asking for directions, talking about hobbies and personal experiences, etc.

If you have a higher level of Chinese learning goals and have longer time available, such as reading newspapers, watching TV shows, watch Chinese movies, talking about social issues, we would recommend you take a 20-week or 24-week intensive Mandarin course to help you achieve a lower/upper intermediate level.

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