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15 Reasons to Study at Keats | Keats Education - Learn Chinese with Keats!

15 Reasons to Study at Keats


Keats’ professional one-on-one Chinese instruction is the fastest and most efficient way to learn Chinese if you want to study in China.

The one-on-one Chinese program has been the most popular program since the school started in 2004. Many students who learn Mandarin in China choose the one-on-one learning style because it is designed by our teachers to meet the needs and interests of the individual student. One-on-one Chinese instruction provides you with more opportunities to practice your spoken Chinese and get real-time correction. Having developed a comprehensive system to teach one-on-one Chinese, Keats School is devoted to making more contributions to the one-on-one Chinese instruction development in China.


An Excellent Keats Team and Qualified Keats Teachers.

Keats teachers speak standard Mandarin and fluent English. They are friendly and patient to the mandarin learning students. They have rich experience and use standard Keats teaching methods that leave our students highly satisfied. Keats teachers meet regularly (teaching conference) for on-going training and discussion to make sure that all teachers use the most practical and effective Mandarin teaching methods and materials. Our teachers are not only your teachers but also your friends.


40% students are returning students.

Some students keep coming back to Keats to study Chinese every year and they can always unexpectedly meet other returning students each time they learn Mandarin here. The secret as to why students keep coming back is that they feel they are making a lot of progress when learning Chinese in China at Keats and it is worth spending the time and money to get top-quality service. We are committed to continuously providing our students refined Chinese lessons and careful services. Over 5000 students from more than 100 countries have studied at Keats.


Professional teachers design personal study plans for you.

We will develop a curriculum for you based on your level of Chinese learning. In this way, you will maximize the amount that you learn in the short time you learn Mandarin here. You can tell us whatever you want to learn. Before starting the lessons, you will have a talk with your teacher so that the teacher can prepare the lessons according to your requirements and preference.


Various Learning Programs.

Widely recognized as an academically influential institute, Keats School is a leading academy in China offering qualified Chinese language programs and various community service programs. Having 9 years research experience in teaching Chinese and maintaining a solid social networking, Keats School has developed different types of programs to meet individuals’ goals. Our Chinese learning programs include intensive one-on-one Chinese lessons, small group Chinese classes, online Chinese courses, the study + tour program, the study + volunteer program, the test preparation and the children’s program.


Chinese Culture Class.

We provide Chinese Calligraphy class, Tai Chi Chuan class, Chinese cooking class and Chinese musical instrument class every week. No matter how long you study in China in our school, you will always get what you want to learn. If you are interested in Chinese culture, please choose the package that includes Chinese culture course.


Keats School is accredited by the Provincial Education Department and the Kunming Education Department.


Keats students enjoy the fully furnished single dorm rooms with private bathrooms.


Keats students enjoy the clean, delicious and healthy Chinese food provided by Keats Cafeteria.


Studying, eating and living in the same building bring you the convenience of home.

Students do not have to catch a bus and rush to the school from where they live; students do not have to search for where to eat after class; because you can study, eat and live in ONE BUILDING. This is really hard to find when you learn Chinese in China.

Please Note: If you register very late, you may only get a room in Keats Accommodation Part 2, which is not in same building where the school is located and is about 5 minutes’ walk from the school.


There is always someone who can help.

If you want to have a change of your Chinese lessons or if you have any difficulties in learning Chinese and need some help, please do not hesitate to contact your advisor or the teaching supervisors. We are always pleased to solve all your questions regarding learning Chinese.

After you come to our school, you will be assigned with an advisor, who will help solve problems in learning Chinese and living at Keats. We provide 24-hour assistance. Just feel free to give us a call whenever you need help.


A great number of FREE services make your life in Kunming so easy.

Keats offers a great number of FREE services to make your life in Kunming so easy. The FREE services we offer include: 

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Unlimited gym membership at Keats Fitness Center
  • Laundry
  • Internet access use without limit or you can use the computers at school for free
  • A tour of the surrounding (bank, supermarket, post office etc.)
  • Travel Planning in China
  • SIM Card for cell phones
  • Medicine for minor illnesses

Keats School is located in the city center.

Situated in the city center, on the bustling Dongfeng Road, Keats School is a short walk away from supermarkets, cafes, bars, gyms, business districts and museums. The rest of the city‘s hot spots are but a bus or cab ride away.


Kunming is a city of sunshine, flowers, cultural heritage and minority groups. Besides studying at Keats, you will have so much fun while exploring the city.

Kunming serves not only as the capital city of Yunnan Province but also as a center of communication and culture. If you want to study in China, Kunming should be on the top of your list. Kunming is also well known for its beautiful, peculiar, breathtaking and unique natural landscape.


Keats School is like an international family.

Keats previous students who have learned Mandarin in China, are from United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Chile, Cameroon, Denmark, Finland, Guam, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Slovenia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Greece, India, Mexico, and South Africa. Keats is a big family and if you want to learn Chinese in China, welcome to Keats School.

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