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About Keats School | Keats Education - Learn Chinese with Keats!

About Keats School

Keats School is the only Chinese language school in Kunming which offers full services and is located in the city center. We provide intensive one-on-one Chinese language instruction to overseas students. Our teachers, who speak standard Mandarin and English, get professional training and use unique teaching methods, which we developed in-house.

To match your learning needs in the best way possible, we develop individual learning plans that match your proficiency level and goals. Our versatile methods and variety of activities will maximize the amount that you learn in the time you study Chinese at our school. It’s our goal to make you a fluent Mandarin speaker as soon as possible and bring you closer to Chinese culture through culture lessons and activities.

Our comfortable single dorm rooms are located in the same building as the school and have an in-house cafeteria. Most of our students choose to eat in our school because we offer a variety of Chinese dishes every meal. Keats School also offers free Chinese culture classes every weekend.

Keats offers one-on-one students unlimited gym membership card at Keats Fitness Center. Staying in shape while you learn Chinese in China can be as easy as you can think of.

If you are looking for a Chinese school in China, you can rest assured that by choosing to study with us, you will never have to deal with the hassles and uncertainties of traveling and studying on your own.

The Chinese learning program fee covers everything including tuition, accommodation, meals, unlimited gym membership, Internet, laundry, teaching materials, and 24-hour support and assistance from our friendly, English-speaking staff. So, once you enroll with Kunming Keats School you will have no other worries or concerns.

Situated in one of Kunming‘s central business districts on the bustling Dongfeng Road, Kunming Keats School is a short walk away from restaurants (Chinese and Western), cafes, and bars. The rest of the city‘s hot spots are just a bus or cab ride away. Learn Chinese in China and explore beautiful Kunming. Keats School welcomes you!


Are there any differences between teachers at Keats School and outside tutors?

Yes, DEFINITELY. Because:

Keats Chinese teachers have a well-organized teaching system.
Keats Mandarin teachers use the latest and professional teaching methods created and tested by Keats Team.
Keats Mandarin teachers are highly responsible for their students, following Keats’ philosophy.
Keats Chinese teachers have rich and comprehensive experience in teaching Chinese.
Keats Mandarin teachers have on-going training and the Teaching Methods Conference every two weeks.
Keats Chinese teachers are fully licensed.
Keats Mandarin teachers are well prepared for each lesson. Their daily teaching syllabi and lesson plans are evaluated by the Teaching Quality Control Team (TQCT) every week.
Keats Chinese teachers are evaluated by students and the teaching supervisor every week through the Keats Feedback Form.
The teaching supervisor and your teacher will make a personal study plan based on your level and requirements before you start the lessons.

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