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National Grand Theater Perform the Original Opera Song of Canal


The first national opera Song of Canal holds the first public performance in Beijing during the period from June 21st to 24th, which is the period of the Dragon Boat Festival. A piece of news comes from some students who study in Mandarin language courses in China that this national opera is created by the National Grand Theater after spending two years’ time.

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Book of the Documentary A Bite of China


For those who love Chinese food during the process when they come to learn Chinese language in China, thy must have seen the charming documentary named A Bite of China about the delicious Chinese food in different places in China recently. Since this televised documentary is so warmly welcomed by the general public, the book version of A Bite of China will be published soon. Just a few days ago, Guang Ming Daily, China Central Television and Phoenix Publishing and Media Group were holding the publishing ceremony of this book in the national conference center.

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5th Chinese Kunqu Festival Held in Suzhou


During the period from June 29th to July 1st, the fifth session of China Kunqu Art Festival and the fifth session of China Storytelling and Ballad Singing in Suzhou Dialect will be held in Suzhou city, the birth place of Kunqu. This festival is jointly held by the Ministry of Culture and Jiangsu Provincial Government.

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Master of the Commander in China - Li Delun


Li Delun is a commander and the artistic instructor of the central philharmonic society as well as the Chinese musician Association the eighth vice president and the general director of the performing arts committee. Born in the year of 1917 in Beijing, Li Delun started to learn to play music. Fortunately, Li entered Shanghai National Music Junior College in the year of 1940.

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Li Yundi Held Recital in Music Hall of Turkey


In the evening of June 2nd, as one of the important programs in 2012 Turkey Chinese Cultural Year and the Image Ambassador of 2012 Turkey Chinese Cultural Year, the famous pianist Li Yundi in China was invited by the Istanbul Cultural Foundation to hold the recital in Istanbul.

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Stories of Wu Song and Yue Fei


If the foreign students who are interested in Chinese culture, especially the ancient Chinese literature, they must have heard of the two books name Stories of Wu Song and Stories of Yue Fei. The full-length novel Stories of Wu Song is one of the representative works of Gao Yuanjun, the famous quick-patter rap artist.

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Lesson 25 - Intermediate - Learning Similar Words of 普遍, 普通 and 期待


Many Chinese language learners pay much attention to remember the words during the process of learning for the purpose of expand their vocabulary to improve Chinese language skills. Of course, in this period, the students should also attach importance to the similar words in meanings and application.

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Famous Painter of Landscape Painting Huang Gongwang


In the process of Chinese fine arts history, there is one outstanding master of landscape painting. This person is Huang Gongwang, which is reputed as the top one of the most famous four painters in Yuan Dynasty, lasting from 1279 to 1368. Born in the year of 1269, Huang lived a poor life since his parents all died when he was young.

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Xinjiang Twelve Muqam Concert Held in Beijing


Aiming at further carrying forward the Twelve Muqam music in Xinjiang, the Xinjiang Twelve Muqam Symphony Concert which sponsored jointly by the artistic department of the Ministry of Culture and the cultural department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region was held in the National Grand Theater in Beijing just several days ago.

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Sichuan Intangible Cultural Heritages Exhibition Held in Hong Kong


For the purpose of showcasing the rich and various intangible cultural heritages resources in the outstanding Chinese civilization, the Sichuan Intangible Cultural Heritages Exhibition would be held in Hong Kong from June 9th to 21st. It is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Home Affairs Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and undertaken by the Cultural Department of Sichuan Province and Hong Kong cultural affairs department.

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