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Introduction of Film Yeshan


The reform and open-up of China influenced the topics and themes of the films. The so-called reform films came into being. This kind of films wanted to present the ideas and themes that the reform would change the thoughts of people through the reform which changed the mentality, values and behaviors of the people in the reform period.

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Zheng Zhengqiu, First Generation Director


With the development of the film in China, the First Generation Directors came into being. The First Generation Directors referred to the directors who were in the silent films period during early period of 20th century to the end of 20th century. They were often regarded as the pioneers of the Chinese film-making.

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Introduction of Dunhuang Quzici


Dunhuang Quzici refers to the one category of popular literature in ancient time during Tang Dynasty. It includes many different kinds of aspects like the Dunhuang songs, Quzidiao, popular songs, short songs and verses. They all conform to the principles of setting the contents according to sound and fixing the verses according to the music.

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Music of China in Konzerthaus Berlin


The concert of Music of China was played by the orchestra of National Center for the Performing Arts in Konzerthaus Berlin. The concert witnessed the 40th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship of Germany and China. The concert was held in the classic and time-honored Konzerthaus Berlin. The students who were taking Mandarin language courses in China introduced the Konzerthaus Berlin was of traditional features and that the building was once destroyed during the Second World War. The concert hall was very grand and the views in the hall would leave deep impression on the visitors.

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Wuzi, Ancient Record of the Ancient Philosophers


China has a splendid history of ancient literature. Many foreigners are interested in the ancient books and literature. When they go to place to learn Chinese, they like to learn something about the ancient culture and stories of the ancient famous writers. Many may know the ancient military theoretician whose name is Wu Qi.

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Foreigners Played Odd Couple


It was a common thing that more and more foreigners came to China to learn Chinese. They knew how to study Chinese to improve the proficiency of the language. They knew how to communicate with the Chinese about the Chinese culture or Chinese foods on some certain occasion. But for many Chinese, the performance by foreigners who spoke Chinese was the first time.

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Fifth China Kunqu Opera Art Festival


The fifth China Kunqu Opera Art Festival was held in Soochow. The festival was co-hosted by the Ministry of Culture of the People‘s Republic of China and the People’s Government of Soochow. Dong Wei, director of the Art Department of the Ministry of Culture, Wang Fuzhou, deputy-director of the Department of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture, Gao Yun and Wu Xiaolin, deputy directors of the Culture Department of Jiangsu Province, Zhou Naixiang, mayor of Soochow city, Cai Lixin, minister of the Department of Publicity, Wang Hongsheng, vice mayor of the municipal government of Soochow and experts and artists of Soochow were present at the opening ceremony.

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History of Eaves Tiles


The teachers who teach Mandarin language may tell you that the eaves tiles are called 瓦当 and 瓦头in Chinese. They are referred to the certain parts of the dripping parts of the ceramic semicircle-shaped tile on the top. The shapes of the eaves tiles are round and semi-round. The eaves tiles are the important elements and components of the ancient building.

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Tang Ming Emperor, a Musician


Tang Ming Emperor was the seventh emperor in Tang Dynasty. The reigning period was from year 618 to year 907. In the process of the Chinese history, he was considered as one of the top most brilliant politicians. With his talents on letters and military strategy, he built the prosperous development of Tang Dynasty. Those who had taken the intensive Mandarin courses in China might know the period was called Kai-Yuan-Sheng-Shi in Chinese. During the period, the economy of the empire was boosting quickly and the empire became the most powerful country in the world.

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Rouged Lips in the Ancient Times


The lipstick is a necessity to every modern lady in the world. The decoration with the lipstick will make the people look full of vitality and more beautiful. More and more women like to use the cosmetics to feel younger and livelier. We all know that the lipstick is the tool which decorates the ladies in modern time.

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