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Teaching English in Kunming

By Keats Student Monica Cardenas

I started teaching English back home. I'm a professional in Languages and Socio cultural studies, specialized in teaching. So for me, being a teacher was always one of my goals. Back home I did something related to it, but what I never expected is that I would actually teach in China. View All >

Walking Around the Beautiful Town

By Keats Student Anna

One of the things that I was pleasantly surprised about living in China is the amount of walking that is a part of everyday life. I was also surprised by how much I like it. Growing up in suburban America, you just accept the fact that if you are going somewhere, you’ll be getting in a car. Most stores and other destinations are too far to walk to on a regular basis. But in Kunming (and most of China’s larger cities) the majority of things you need on a daily basis are close by and everyone walk frequently. View All >

Skate Party in Kunming

By Keats Student Inga

Hi, my name is Inga I am from Jamaica, but I grow up in south Florida in the US. I am in the beginner Chinese class at Keats. I am about to start my 4th month at Keats. I have to say that I have had a great time and hope to continue that great time in the fall as well. I have spent the last 5 years in good old Washington DC, which is where I met my friends that told me about Kunming....the Spring City. I must say when I moved here it did not feel like spring lol. It was very cold and snowed that week. I must admit it was a light dusting but snow none-the-less. View All >

Trip to Fuxian Lake

By Keats Student Rachel

So it was raining. And I mean bucketing down. As I hadn’t had the good sense to bring an umbrella, I had to run to the shelter of the convenient tree at our rendezvous. Strangely for me, not only was I not late, but I appeared to be the first one there! We were a group of thirteen, mainly students brought together by a common love of Mandarin, but also five of our Chinese friends. As it turned out, I wasn’t actually the first, some of the others had gone for breakfast beforehand and they joined me brandishing buns and umbrellas. View All >

In America everyone may wax nostalgic about a white Christmas, but here in the SpringCity, without a doubt my favorite time of the year is Spring. View All >



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