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Both are located about 15 km south from Kunming downtown, on the northeast side of the Dianchilake. I personally used a taxi from Keats School, but you also can take the bus 44 or 73, at the cross of Beijing Lu and Huanchang Lu. The price of the taxi is about 35 RMB, the price of the bus 1 RMB… But taxi is easier in the morning. For the return, I took the bus. The bus-stop is just in front of both museum and village gates. For the taxi, caution ! A few taxi-drivers know where the museum and the village are, so you will probably have to explain with a map. View All >

Beautiful Life in Kunming

By Keats Student Monica Cardenas

Being sick was normal for me. After two and a half years in one of the most polluted cities in China, I could accept that fact since the city was like it was. There was nothing I could do. But after a while, it became really serious. And so, a good friend recommended I move elsewhere. Where can I go? I asked myself. I love China. I couldn't imagine going back home. This was my home since 2011. The same friend recommended me the city of the beer: Qingdao.  "The air is amazing. This city is waiting for you," he said.  So, I decided to do some research. View All >

Activity in Kunming Museum

By Keats Student Rachel

There is nothing like competition to galvanise people into activity; we were all randomly allocated to teams. Each team being under the banner of some kind of animal, like for example 狮子队,Lion Team, and of course the most clever, beautiful and noble , 熊猫队,  The Team of the Panda. After our team leader came up with our catchphrase, we braced ourselves in front of the camera and in chorus cheered "Xiongmaodui! Huaiting!" ("Fighting Pandas!"). View All >

Learning Chinese in Keats School

By Keats Student Monica

Why do I like Keats school so much? Back in the other city, foreign students only had one option if they wanted to study Chinese: the university. The university is far from cheap, so you have to make sure you have enough money to pay all the expenses (school, food, transportation, others) or try to get a scholarship. Neither of those were a good option for me, so during those two and a half years, I decided to study Chinese on my own, learning from daily life what I heard and could use. That helped a lot, and I learned more than I could have imagined. View All >

A Trip to the mountain Around our House

By Keats Student Josh(小王)

My family enjoys peace and solitude. When we think of a vacation we think of places where we can get away from the hustle and bustle of life. We leave behind cell phones, internet, computers and other gadgets. View All >



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