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Learn Chinese in China at Keats

By Keats Student Grant

I've heard many different reasons for students to learn Chinese in China at Keats school; some come to learn Chinese for business, others for school, and still others come just for their love of the language and want to learn more. I personally have been to many Chinese schools in China and have not found a school that I enjoy more. After coming to Keats school for several months I decided that I wanted to try and explain why they are different from other Chinese immersion programs, and will attempt to do so in this essay. View All >

Farmer’s Market

By Keats student Pieter

What is a farmer’s market like in Kunming?  Come along and see.   It’s a bright day this Saturday morning.  I walk about twenty minutes south of the school. My teacher, Jennifer, recommends visiting a farmer’s market on Minhang Street. I meet her there and we start our trip. A few street vendors ply their wares of fruit.  Nothing special, rather routine for a Kunming street.  But the best by far is yet to come.  Jennifer points out the alley into which it seems most of the pedestrians disappear.  We join them and flow along with a steady stream of people.   View All >

KunMing Golf

By Keats Student Grant

In order to be in business one needs to learn the business culture; business culture is not the same everywhere and is often very strange to foreigners who come to foreign countries to deal. In America a business meeting is held in a meeting room attended by all the people directly concerned with the deal; there it is hashed out until an agreement is reached. In China business deals happen at bars and restaurants where one can eat and talk. One thing that all business cultures seem to love though is the game of golf. View All >

Golden Temple

By Keats Student Brieux

The Golden Temple (Jindian) is located 11km Northeast from the Kunming center, just behind the huge World Horti-Expo Garden. You can reach it by buses no 10 (from Nanping Jie) or 71 (from the cross Beijinglu and Huangchenglu). You also can use a taxi (about 30 RMB). Whatever the mean, they all with deposit you in front of the main gate. Several ladies will try to send you incense sticks. The entry price is 30 RMB. From the main gate to the temple, you will have to walk 5 to 10 minutes, to reach the top of the hill, where the Temple is located. View All >

Kun Ming Climbing

By Keats Student Grant

Climbing is one of my main hobbies in the states; so coming to China I brought my gear with me just in case I met anyone who typically went. On my way over I never thought I would get so lucky. My third day at Keats I found a small gym not far from the school called Redpoint Climbing Gym; View All >


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