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Keats Learning Note

By Keats Student Joe

Having an interest in learning Chinese but not really sure how long I’d be staying in China I figured it would be better for me to study by myself. After one fruitful and very bizarre six months in Shandong, and 6 months travelling around China and South-east Asia I could pass off some decent conversational Chinese through self study and learning pinyin. However there were obvious gaps in knowledge of the use of words and certain grammar structure, not to mention I could hardly read more than a hundred characters. View All >

Chinese Character is one of attractive aspects of Chinese language. However, we cannot deny that the character is the hardest part in learning Chinese. And many students gave up learning it and result in an unbalanced situation: advanced listening and speaking level, but beginner level for reading and writing. I strongly recommend that to learn how to recognize and write Characters from elementary level. And in this article, I will focus on how to write characters. View All >

Dianchi Lake/West Mountain

By Keats Student David

Dianchi Lake, is a beautiful spot to escape the hustle and bustle of inner city living. The day trip, or should I say, half day trip because I didn’t set off until around 2pm, was well worth the 30 minute E-bike ride from my apartment. View All >

When I began taking Chinese my freshman year of college, in 2008, I didn’t imagine that after graduation I’d be writing a blog post from Beijing, or that my interest in China would lead me to live and teach in a farming village in rural Yunnan. I decided to take Chinese classes without a good reason as to why, however, as a firm believer in a liberal arts education, did so because there was no compelling response to the question why not? View All >

Trip to Shaxi

By Keats Student Rachel

Shaxi is a very small village, very small. The guy at our hostel told us frankly that one could see the whole village in just half an hour. Of course, with Elise and I being keen if somewhat very amateur photographers, we took a whole day to see the village properly. The village of Shaxi boasts an ancient stone bridge. And like all stone that is worn from centuries of footfall, the stone steps almost appear soft in their dips and curves, like concaved pillows. View All >



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