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Studying at Keats School

By Keats Student David

I have been living in Kunming now for around 7 months and without been able to speak Mandarin I found the simplest of things a massive challenge. From ordering food to asking where the nearest Bank of China is, without speaking the language an easy task becomes a very tiresome and frustrating one! I also began to question myself and was regularly thinking, if someone came to my country and was unable to speak the language I would find this quite ignorant and not the correct way to go about integrating yourself within a new society. View All >

When we learn Chinese, practice Chinese pronunciation is a very important part. There are many rules need to be remembered. In this article, I would like to emphasize 2 important parts of pronunciation for you to remember due to they are normally neglected by many students and teachers.   1.    Tones’ change: View All >

Going Back to School

By Keats Student 王琼

Last month I started Chinese Advanced language classes at a school in Kunming, Keats school. I haven't formally studied Chinese for 17 years! So at first I was pretty wary of signing up for study, two hours every day, for the semester but thought that no doubt I could learn something after all. It's 20 years ago since I started to learn Chinese, in Harbin. I studied there full time for two years and part time for the third year. View All >

How to Recognize Characters?

By Keats Teacher Joy

Many Chinese learners may ask a question: How many Chinese characters in total? Actually, this is a hard question to answer. The idea of Chinese character is divided into ancient Chinese characters, modern Chinese characters and dialect characters. And basically most Chinese people and foreigner learners are learning modern Characters nowadays. View All >

Keats School Experience

By Keats Student Tolani

So, you have been looking through the Keats school website wanting to know more about the school and the learning experience you can expect.  Well I am here to share with you my experience, I moved to Kunming in 2011 to continue learning Chinese.  I stared this education in the United States where my wife and I lived up till 2011.  We decided the best way to learn is to live among the natives and to use what we learn through our daily experience. View All >



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