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Chinese idioms about success

By Keats Student Anna

Chengyu, four character Chinese idioms, each have a rich history behind them that make them fascinating to learn about. Here are three Chinese idioms that all talk about success. These idioms are very much Chinese, and their back stories reflect their historic nature; however each of these easily corresponds to common English sayings such as “instant success,” “blessing in disguise,” and to “just know it in your heart.” Horse to Success 马到成功 (mǎ dào chéng gōng) View All >

Chinese Idioms: Perseverance

By Keats Student Anna

Chengyu are Chinese idioms that are usually four characters long. These classic idioms are rich in history and usually have elaborate back stories. These complex idioms can seem challenging but are one of the most interesting parts of the Chinese language to study. And there are usually many cultural insights to be gained as well. Here are a few chengyu that are all about overcoming and preserving despite obstacles. May these encourage you and spur you on in your study of the Chinese language. Grind the Rod into a Needle 磨杵成针 (mó chǔ chéng zhēn) View All >

Perspective Chengyu

By Keats Student Joe

Chengyu (usually four character Chinese idioms) are one of the most fascinating parts of learning Chinese. By learning the story that explains the idiom, you learn language, culture, and history all at the same time. Here are a few interesting chengyu regarding perspective. To Play Music for a Cow 对牛弹琴 Duì niú tán qín View All >

Eating Out with Chinese Friends

By Keats Student 王琼

Chinese food....... hmmm delicious! Sizzling dishes with spices, hot peppers, yes quite a bit of oil, lots of green vegetables, savoury meats, sweet dishes, rice, noodles, cold salads, and things you've never heard of or seen before! Chinese table manners? Yes, they do exist and it is worthwhile learning some simple rules.  View All >

Da Guan Park

By Keats Student Anna

Da Guan Park (大观公园) is a perfect place to spend a carefree afternoon or even an entire day out of doors. This lovely lakeside park is a shining example of the natural beauty of Kunming. It is wonderful that the Spring city has so many green places inside it such as this pretty recreational area. It is very easy to get to this park. Located in the heart of Kunming, Da Guan Park is easy to access by bus. A taxi ride would be even faster and not very expensive since it is within city limits. View All >


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