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Chinese Idioms: Weapons

By Keats student Anna

Chinese Chengyu (four character idioms) are one of the most interesting parts of studying the language of Mandarin. Chengyu are very rich, imaginative phrases with an interesting story behind how they developed into use. Here are a few Chengyu that all feature weapons. Hiding a Knife in a Smile 笑裡藏刀 (xiào lǐ cáng dāo) The phrase 笑裡藏刀 literally means “smile in hiding knife.” This chengyu is more straightforward than most and fairly easy to infer the meaning from the literal translation. The meaning is that behind someone’s smile is a sharp edge or deceitful thoughts. View All >

Chinese Idioms: Indomitable Spirit

By Keats student Anna

The language of Mandarin rich and fascinating to study. And perhaps no other area of the language is so representative of its cultural and historical roots as the study of chengyu, Chinese four character idioms. Each chengyu is derived from a back story that is taken from Chinese history and folklore. Many chengyu focus on admirable or deplorable character traits. The tales behind these Chinese idioms and their conclusions are very interesting. Here are two Chinese idioms all about indomitable spirit, perseverance, and dedication despite any obstacle. View All >

Chinese Idioms: Excellent Artists

By Keats student Anna

Chengyu, Chinese four part idioms, are fascinating to study. They are rich in history and poetic in nature. The stories behind chengyu are great folktales full of all kinds of insights. One can not only learn about the language but learn a lot about the Chinese people and culture from them as well. Many chengyu talk about wisdom and quality craftsman. These wise saying tell about how one will know true artistry and artists when you see them. These idioms tell about the crucial elements of great art. Here are three Chinese idioms that are all about excellent artists. View All >

Chinese Idioms: Crowds

By Keats student Anna

China is a huge country, this is true both in the size of the lands it holds and in the number of people who live here. As the most populous nation on earth, the amount of people many seem intimidating at first, but you soon grow accustomed to and much more comfortable in crowds. View All >

Chinese Idioms: Chaos to Perfection

By Keats Student Anna

Chinese idioms are such an interesting part of the Chinese language to study. Their rich history can provide great cultural insight as well. Here are a few Chinese idioms that describe states of being, beginning with a total mess and ending in perfection. Randomness Seven Eight Times Worse 乱七八糟 (luàn qī bā zāo) The literal meaning of 乱七八糟 is “random/reversed seven eight worse/chaos.” But this doesn’t mean a lot to the average student of Mandarin. View All >



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