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Chengyu (usually four character Chinese idioms) are one of the most fascinating parts of learning Chinese. By learning the story that explains the idiom, you learn language, culture, and history all at the same time. Here are a few interesting chengyu regarding perspective. To Play Music for a Cow 对牛弹琴 Duì niú tán qín View All >

The City of Kunming has encouraged the development of museums to make history and culture more accessible to the public. Among them are the Yunnan Museum focusing on the entire province, the Ethnic Minorities Museum celebrating various people groups, and the Railway Museum.  Another is the Kunming Municipal Museum, which reopened in 2014 after three years of reconstruction.   A recent exhibit there presented 20th century art, said to be the first showing of its kind in the city for several decades.  That was the impetus for me to make a visit.  I was joined by my teacher, Jennifer.  Located View All >

Baby Talk

Keats Student Anna

Learning a new language can make you feel like a baby sometimes. At the beginning, you struggle to make your needs known and make yourself understood. The sounds you are making are hard to form. Not every word comes out correctly and people don’t always know what you are trying to say. This is not always a great feeling, but not all baby talk is bad. Babies are excellent language learners, and they can actually teach us a lot about how to learn a new language. View All >

Personal Culture

Keats Student Anna

Living in a new culture can help you develop a personal culture that is all your own and that you can be proud of. When you first move to a different country, everything is new. Everything you see is exciting. It is all different; maybe everything even seems strange at first. When you first experience a new culture, you notice everything. Things everyone else takes for granted stand out to you like a purple elephant. View All >

Heart of Kunming

Anna Ruggs

In Mandarin the word for downtown or the city center is 市中心 (shì zhōng xīn) and literally means the “city’s central heart.” But “the heart of a city” is a more natural way to translate this phrase into English. I really like how this word invokes strong feeling in Chinese. The heart of a city has a warm and inviting connotation to it.   View All >


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