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Jian zhi (Paper Cutting)

When : 13:00 pm
Where: Keats Lounge
Who : Students and Teachers
What : Learn Paper Cutting
Price : Free
Why : Jian zhi is a traditional style of paper cutting in China. It has been popular in China since at least the 6th century A.D. It’s an interesting way to learn about Chinese culture. We will teach you the background of paper cutting by many beautiful pictures and we will teach you how to make several patterns of paper cutting. Welcome to join us!



Daytrip to Heilongtan Park

When : 13:00 
Where: Meet at Keats school and take bus to the park
Who : Students and Teachers
What : Visit Heilongtan Park
Price : Cost: 20       Bus:2RMB
Why : Heilongtan Park is one of the most famous park in Kunming. In Kunming, the local people have a habit that Every winter go to Heilongtan Park to appreciate plum flowers. There is a very beautiful legend about This park, If you are interested in this story, please join us and our teacher will tell you.



Try Sichuan cuisine

When : 18:00 
Where: Meet at school and take bus to the restaurant
Who : Students and Teachers
What : Have a nice Sichuan food dinner
Price : Cost: 50       Bus:2RMB
Why :

Sichuan cuisine is a style of Chinese cuisine originating from Sichuan province in southwestern China. The speciality of it is spicy and pungency. And it is internationally famous and widely accepted throughout the world. Such as Mapo Tofu, Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork and Translucent beef slices etc. We will take you to a fancy restaurant,

Let’s enjoy this food together!



Daytrip to The ancient town of Guandu

When : 13:30 
Where: Meet at school first and then take bus there
Who : Students and Teachers
What : Visit The ancient town of Guandu
Price :  Bus:4RMB
Why : Guandu ancient town is one of the historic and cultural towns in Kunming area. It is situated in southeast suburb of Kunming. You can Major sights of Guandu ancient town can be briefed as “six temples, seven pavilions and eight shrines”. You will find very interesting culture and see unique building. Please go with us to explore that amazing place.



Play Chinese Game

When : 13:30 
Where: Keats Lounge
Who : Students and Teachers
What : Learn to Play to Chinese Games
Price : Free
Why : “Interest is the best teacher”. In fact, we can make Chinese learning more interesting. Learning Chinese alone is a good way, but sometimes the competition can improve the motivation of students’ learning. Our teacher will prepare and organize some very interesting Chinese game, let’s practice our Chinese and relax at the same time.    



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