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Learn Calligraphy

When : 13:30 pm
Where: Keats Lounge
Who : Students and Teachers
What : Learn Calligraphy
Price : Free
Why : The word calligraphy literally means beautiful writing way. There are thousands years history of calligraphy. From paper, brushes, ink to style of writing, there are a lot of abundant knowledge will attract you. After this lecture, you will obtain those knowledge and you will have a chance to practice how to write Character with brushes. Don’t hesitate to come this leture!



Try Kunming Cuisine

When : 18:00 
Where: Meet at school first, and then take bus there
Who : Students and Teachers
What : To try some tasty Kunming food
Price : Cost: 50 yuan     Bus:2RMB
Why : Kunming cuisine is distinctive in Yunnan. You can always find your favorite foods in hundreds dishes. Spicy, salty, sour and so on, every dish will make you mouth running water. We recommend famous Kunming foods to you such as Cold and spicy rice noodles, steam pot chicken, fry er kuai, smoked doufu and etc. Please go with us to enjoy delicious cuisine.



Keats School Day

When : 10:30
Where: 52 Dongfeng Dong Lu(next to the Kunming Hotel),Kunming, 昆明东风东路52号(昆明饭店旁)
Who : Former Students, Current Students, Prospective Students, Keats Teachers
What : FREE food, Games, Activities, Performances, Gifts
Price : Free
Why :  Please join us for FREE food and fun as we hold Keats School’s luncheon at O’Reilly’s (Dongfeng). Come and get some FREE food, FREE books, FREE tuition fee vouchers, and FREE surprising gifts. You will also enjoy performances, games, and shows. Please either add Keats School on WeChat (15969497719) or text us (13888060057) .



Daytrip to Haigeng National Training Center

When : 13:00 pm
Where: Meet at school and take bus there
Who : Students and Teachers
What : Visit Haigeng National Training Center 
Price : Cost: 30 yuan     Bus:4RMB
Why : Haigeng National Training Center is located next to Dianchi Lake. Kunming people go there to do excises during the weekends. There are eight basketball courts, weight rooms, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, running tracks and a swimming poor. We will play basketball there this Sunday. If you are interested in sports, come to join us!



Daytrip to Green Lake Park

When : 13:00 pm
Where: Meet at Keats school and then take bus to the park
Who : Students and Teachers
What : Visit  Green Lake Park
Price :  Bus:2RMB
Why : Green Lake is one of Kunming’s major parks. It is located in the city center and embraced by a very beautiful lake and many green willows. The beautiful views will impress you and the local culture there will attract you as well. Many locals play Taiji, sing folk songs and dancing there. You will experience a different culture in Green Lank Park. Join us and we will show you more.



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