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Chinese Flute Performance

When : 13:00 
Where: Keats school Cafeteria
Who : Students and Teachers
What : Chinese Flute Performance
Price : Free
Why :

Let's enjoy a fabulous flute performacne by a professional musical artist. She will perform several famous Chinese songs. 



Eat Vegetarian Food

When : 18:00 
Where: Meet at Keats school and take bus to the resturant
Who : Students and Teachers
What : Have a nice Vegetarian Food dinner
Price : Cost: 50RMB       Bus:2RMB
Why :

Now, more and more people are beginning to eat vegetarian food and it is growing in popularity worldwide. We have vegetarian restaurants here in Kunming,many of them well-known for using organically grown  ingredients.

The prices may be a little bit more expensive, but the food is well worth it. One interesting thing about some of these vegetarian restaurants is that they use the original Chinese names for some of their dishes.  You may see on the menu dishes that sound like meat dishes, but actually they are vegetables prepared in the same way as the meat they are named after. Let’s try some of these delicious dishes together.



Learn Tang Poetry

When : 13:30 
Where: Keats Lounge
Who : Students and Teachers
What : Learn Tang Poetry
Price : Cost: free      free tea
Why : Tang Poetry is a very important and valued part of the Chinese Han culture. Its history dates back more than twelve-hundred years. Tang Poetry has influenced and even continues to influence the culture of China and its surrounding countries. There is an abundance of knowledge to learn about ancient Chinese culture through Tang poetry.  Let’s study this fascinating historical literature together.



Learn Tai Chi

When : 13:30 
Where: Meet at Keats school and walk to the park 
Who : Students and Teachers
What : Learn Tai Chi
Price : Free
Why : Tai Chi is a unique part of China’s cultural heritage. It is related to Confucianism and Taoism. Tai Chi is based on Chinese philosophy. This form of exercise is not only good for the body, but it is also good for the mind. Some of its benefits include relieving stress and increasing patience. Tai Chi is presently growing more and more popular worldwide. Please join us and see why so many people love it! 



Daytrip to Yunnan Wild Animal Park

When : 13:00
Where: Meet at school and then take bus there
Who : Students and Teachers
What : Visit Yunnan Wild Animal Park
Price : Cost: 65RMB      Bus:4RMB
Why : Yunnan Wild Animal Park is about 10 km away from Kunming City Center, near the Golden Temple. This park is very large.  There are over 200 kinds of animals there.  If we drive into the park, there will be a tiger or a bear to welcome us. In the park, you will see deer, peacocks and many other kinds of animals. You will definitely enjoy this trip.



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