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Learn chinese language in yunnan


Day 1:

 Flew to Xishuangbanna (RMB 450/person)

Day 2

 Visited the Forest-Cafe to arrange “Easy 2 days Trek” (RMB 500/person).

 Visited Dai people’s village/ amusement park (very touristy and not recommended).

 If you have questions regarding trekking or sight-seeing in Jinghong, the Mekong Cafe’s owner is also very helpful.

Day 3:

 Took two local buses to the mountains and started the Trek.

 Stayed in Bulang people’s village – No shower, no toilet, but a very good experience.

Day 4:

 Trekked back to a bus station and back to the city

Day 5:

 Visited Tropical Plant Garden outside of Jinghong

 The Garden is huge! It’s better to rent a bicycle inside the garden to get around

Day 6:

 Flew back to Kunming

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